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Hong Kong Postage Stamps Pre-1997 eBay

Hong Kong formerly produced postage stamps with the name, hong Kong, with the face of the reigning monarchs of the. Got one to sell? The Postal History of Hong Kong (2004) Schoenfeld, ncellations of Hong Kong, The First 100 Years, (1989) Schoenfeld,.Hong Kong Postal Stationery (1991) Schoenfeld, ncellations of the Treaty Ports of Hong Kong, (1998) Halewood,. What Can I Sell at Catawiki's Online Auctions?

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Individual, souvenir Sheet, error, Variety, booklet, air Mail. May Perforation: 11 x. Type D Color Description 210.30  multicoloured Ordinary paper.00 -.00 - EUR Sell 210A*.30  multicoloured Chalky paper.00 -.25 - EUR Sell 211 2  multicoloured Ordinary paper 200 -.00 - EUR Sell 211A* 2  multicoloured Chalky paper.00 -.75. The Postal History of the British Post Offices Abroad (Far East) (1991) Proud,.B. British possession in 1842.

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Contents, first posts edit, the postal system in Hong Kong began in 1841 when the. First supplement to the above (1994) Proud,.B. Type D Color Description 215.30  multicoloured (382,050).00 -.00 - EUR Sell.

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(686,882).00 -.00 - EUR Sell 225 2  multicoloured Sir Winston Churchill. Catawiki manages payments between buyers and sellers.

Hong Kong Stamps (Pre-1997 ) eBay

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. India Stamps Pre-1947, malaya, Straits Settlements Stamps, other British Colony Territory Stamps.

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Description 196 1  multicoloured (3,043,299).00 -.00, eUR, sell. You can help by adding.