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This website has been set up to help promote BAT and Brave and ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the projects and understand what they are trying to achieve. It is unpaid but all articles will have a donation link at the bottom, so anyone who appreciates the time taken on the article can send you some BAT! BAT Roadmap translated into laymans terms.

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We need: Social Media: Help run the, twitter account. If you feel like you can help contribute to the cause, please get in contact via our groups. Content writing is now the #1 priority. A run through of the UGP and what it means. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for all BAT and Brave news, explaining whats been happening, whats coming next and why its important.

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Bitcoin set the stage. February 15, 2018, bATclub, basic Attention Token, Brave, Gran Turismo, how the Basic Attention Token Works The world of cryptocurrency is growing at an exponential rate.

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Content Writers: Write articles to help explain BAT / Brave. October 18, 2017, bATclub, basic Attention Token, Bittrex, MyEtherWallet In this video, Brendan talks about his background setting up Javascript and Mozilla, talks about BAT Brave and their October 16, 2017 BATclub Basic Attention Token, Brave, Facebook Hello crypto investor and welcome! Discord Chat, in the, reddit Thread, or DM us on, twitter. Gran Turismo lets you create custom decals for your cars, so I have created several to rep the BAT /.

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An explanation of metamask / DApps etc Someone who knows what its about, to explain to us dummies why it matters. The site was started 16th October 2017 and our first objective is to build a team of BAT enthusiasts to fulfill a variety of roles. January 20, 2018, bATclub, basic Attention Token, Brave, Uncategorized,, if you have any BAT, you probably bought them on Bittrex and a lot of you have probably just left.

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Thanks for your support! Welcome to our unofficial BAT community page. General articles on Brave and BAT; basically anything you find interesting that youd like to write about.

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List of articles were looking to create: A beginners guide to BAT and Brave. The Demonetization of users rage quitting because they dont make anything from ads anymore and how BAT can fill that void through microdonations. Info Gatherers: Keep up to date with BAT and Brave news. This website has been set up to help promote BAT and Brave and ensure that October 16, 2017 BATclub Basic Attention Token. If you are a writer, get in touch.