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Deutsche Bank crisis: Bank takes hatchet to investment arm as 7,000 jobs are CUT. Built with by, areeb. Lotta Lotto Hype, lottolands claim that its bitcoin lottery is the first licensed draw surrounding the decentralized digital currency is generating headlines, but its essentially a marketing ploy highlighting the betting companys inclusion of paying out in bitcoin. US sanctions strangle Venezuela after Trump hits out at sham re-election of Maduro. Lottoland says its bitcoin lottery game is the first licensed random draw format offering up the cryptocurrency as a jackpot.

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Warm welcome for big rebound in retail sales. The price of bitcoin, under 1,000 (848) a year ago, hit 6,000 (5,085) in mid-November and had crossed yet another major milestone 10,000 (8,475) by the end of the month. This way, you wont have to worry about legal issues next time.

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The odd numbers are due to currency exchange rates. This game of pure luck simply offers the easiest ways to win money in a single click. WHSmith ranked UK's least favourite shop again as high street standards collapse. WWE news: John Cena reveals huge wrestling star he would like to face next. But the best of all is youll get your wins in the fastest time possible.

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Whats great is that the majority of online lottery sites with Bitcoin are legit, so you shouldnt have any problem at all. Bitcoin was set up in 2008 by an individual or group calling itself, and was the first digital currency to successfully use cryptography to keep transactions secure and hidden, making traditional financial regulation difficult if not impossible. Potcoin Games and Dice, seamless Potcoin Gaming. Homebase sold for 1 to Hilco: 250 stores at risk after unbelievable disaster in retail. Bitcoin price slump: investor explains why he still thinks bitcoin will hit 25,000.

Lottoland launch world s first bitcoin lottery with a jackpot of 1000

Tier 2: 5 matching numbers 1 BTC prize money. With bitcoin trading for around 18,000 as of this afternoon, that means the grand prize was around 18 million. Licensed in the gaming-friendly British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, Lottoland held its first Bitcoin Lotto yesterday at 8:30 pm GMT (3:30 pm ET). Select your bet type: Choose ticket value, pick your numbers. Bitcoin halves in value in a month.

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You can claim your winnings from advanced bets in the. Multiblock bet - this type of bet allows you a set of numbers and a number of times you want to repeat the bet. Read More, what you need to know about Bitcoin. You dont even have to master any skills if you want to win.

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If you havent got a lottery site to play at, choose one now from the top sites today. How to you safely invest in Bitcoin. Free Bitcoin lottery games, expect the top online lottery sites to be legal and provably fair. Lottery tab, there are also two more advanced modes. Well, it does, but its for the better.