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Added IED/Armed civilians/Suicide Bombers module - just like ArmA 2 pretty close to VBS module. If there is still a balance due, you must either sign up for the payment plan or pay the remaining balance in full. Added: Medical system - NEW WIP New modular and scalable medical system (need to place the MCC medical system module) the medical system is built around blood level where a player loses a lot of blood he will eventually die. Added: 2 new resources food and meds, what we'll do with them?

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The mission maker should define a few parameters before pressing "Generate Mission - Rival faction: who are we fighting? Class Day(s hours, time, cost, materials / Supplies, room / Location.

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V alpha 07 Hotfix - Alpha build.56 v alpha 07 - Added: Bon Forward Artillery Observer script and dialog to menu 4 in the MCC Console. Your awarded funds will be processed through the Maricopa Student. Lock/Pick lock door: Allow the player to lock or unlock doors - requires multitool item or AGM's defuse tool. Added: If role selection is turned on players must be in a group in order to get in the game.

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Fixed disabling IED didn't blow the vehicle tyres. Fixed: Disabling MCC's interaction doesn't disable MCC self interaction. V alpha 08 - Removed CBA dependability for mission version. To view your eBill or see the balance you currently owe, go to the Finances section of your Student Center account at mymcckc.

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Teleport to team from squad menu. Scoring: Home team will be the official scorebook. Added.56 new fog system. First step to persistence. Garrison - Added: Garrison units will patrol between nearby buildings.