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It is left to the client's responsibility to take care of the memory allocated for the data_block ( const char * data, size_t size 0, unsigned long priority ) Create an ACE_Message_Block that refers to data without copying. Decrease the shared ACE_Data_Block's reference count. Friends And Related Function Documentation Member Data Documentation Declare the dynamic allocation hooks. ACE_inline ACE_Lock * ( ACE_Lock * nls ) Set a new locking strategy and return the hold one.

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ACE_inline void ACE_Message_Block:wr_ptr ( char * ptr ) Set the write pointer to ptr. Void wr_ptr (char *ptr) Set the write pointer to ptr. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol.

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The data_block_allocator is use to allocate the data blocks while the allocator_strategy is used to allocate the buffers contained by those. 0 we assume that we have ownership of the data till this object ceases to exist (and don't delete it during destruction). Enjoy a thrilling battle with global users. See release for details. Pointer to previous message in the list.

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Stores messages for use throughout, aCE (particularly in an, aCE_Message_Queue ). The cont argument initializes the continuation field in the ACE_Message_Block. Release is designed to release the continuation chain; the destructor is not. One or more ACE_Message_Blocks can be linked to form a fragment chain.' ACE_Message_Blocks can be linked together in a doubly linked fashion to form a queue of messages (this is how ACE_Message_Queue works). Get type of the message.

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Void length (size_t n) Set the length of the message. H Collaboration diagram for ACE_Message_Block: List of all members. Email address is required! As a final note, the alignment information is used to align the data block if it is created afresh.