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Related Articles, the stock market is available for nearly anyone to make stock transactions. Brick-and-mortar brokers may offer "discretionary" services where they trade your money for you based on their own analysis of the stock market.

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Fund the account with money once the application is approved. This ensures that volatile market conditions do not fill your order at an unattractive price. They refer to this strategy as "using stops.". Place a "buy market" order if you want to purchase shares no matter the exact price at the time of execution.

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Some investors prefer to leave all trading decisions up to another individual, and others want to directly make transactions themselves. Sell stops are placed as a form of protection for the account. Many traders immediately place sell stop orders after their buy orders complete. This order type guarantees your shares will be purchased. This is convenient but also increases your risks as you are borrowing money from the broker.

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A sell stop basically forces the brokerage account to automatically sell your stock if it falls below a specified price. This way, they do not have open positions that carry large risk.

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Although the process of buying and selling shares is straightforward, generating consistent profits, especially as an active trader, is a tall challenge. Sell shares using the same order types, "market "limit" or "stop." The sell limit ensures you no less than what you want, but does not guarantee the order will actually fill. This ensures that your losses are limited in the event that adverse market conditions take a turn for the worse.