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You would receive an amount of bitcoin cash equal to the bitcoin you held in your Coinbase account at the time of the fork. It is an alternative version of Bitcoin that makes use of new features and rules, and has a different development roadmap. The uahf is incompatible with the current Bitcoin protocol and will create a separate blockchain. August 3 blog post : We are planning to have support for bitcoin cash by January 1, 2018, assuming no additional risks emerge during that time. (Unfortunately, as Bitcoin Cash is now live, we werent able to verify the listings early appearance in the API.).

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Is Coinbase spending my money? If I leave my BTC in Coinbase during the uahf/uasf, will my BTC turn into the new version, or stay as the old version? What happens if I send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address? If you sent to another exchange and did not receive your BCH, please contact their support team.

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If I had a pending BTC purchase at the time of the fork, will I still receive BCH for that purchase? A fork is the split of a blockchain into two blockchains, in this case, the original Bitcoin and the new Bitcoin Cash.

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Given its mainstream appeal and extreme ease of use relative to other exchanges, Coinbase is something of a cryptocurrency kingmaker. For more information about Bitcoin Cash, please visit tcoincash.

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While its not yet wholly clear what was going on, many digital currency enthusiasts have pointed to a Reddit thread from three days ago titled. For now, subscribe if you would like to receive more of our digital currency research and updates. On a sidenote, it would also be wise to check your exchanges standing as the fork looms.

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Learn more, why will it take so long to get my Bitcoin Cash? Initiate a soft fork, which would alter the Bitcoin code in small increments. What will happen to my bitcoin? Perhaps you've already heard, but big changes are coming down the pike for Bitcoin. You can also obtain additional Bitcoin Cash by purchasing it on Coinbase, or trading on gdax.