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There is truly something for everyone who is passionate about blockchain tech, making a difference and investing in the future for themselves and future generations to come. 3 of the Eth raised in the ICO will go towards development and 1 will be set aside for promotional bounty campaigns.

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What was only before open to the Wealthy Wall St Bankers and Corporate Structures will now be offered to everyone, irrespective of color, class or financial status. Dcorp website, dcorp crowdsale, signature campaign, whitepaper.

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We all know that one reason why Greeces Economy collapsed was because of the dodgy derivatives that the Greek Government bought to back its bonds that collapsed as Morgan Stanley hedged against its own product that it flogged to Europe and nearly destroyed a continent. Dcorp has arrived to solve the biggest problem our modern financial system has faced as the Derivatives Market is the biggest there is, surpassing Forex and Other Financial Markets by a mile. The Derivatives markets have been open to manipulation and corrupt practices for too long now and as we saw in 2008 opened a Pandoras box that nearly brought the world to its knees. The Maximum cap for this crowdsale.5 Million Euros.

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Unfortunately the Big Bad Wolves were rewarded through bail outs that made everyone else even poorer. As we know that to generate a bail out, more fiat currency has to be printed which in turn devalues the currency and decreases everyones purchasing power. The total supply of DRP tokens will be determined by the amount of Euros raised. Blockchain technology is slowly taking over many areas of our lives, solving complex accounting problems, decreasing corruption in both government bodies and business entities and above all is creating wealth for many around the globe who before never even had access to financial products.

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By bringing Derivatives to the Blockchain, the black hole of unethical trading and accounting practices conducted by the Wall St Wolves will no longer prevail as the Masses will be able to engage in the trading of Derivatives and bring about a new direction that. Dcorp is bringing this disruptive technology to another level and deregulating Capital in a way never anticipated or encountered before in the Financial World. Dcorp links, there is an Enthusiastic and Professional Team involved in this project to help catapult it to the success it deserves who are reliable, friendly and always there to assist potential investors and traders who wish to become a part of history in the. The.2 Quardrillion dollar Derivatives market at last will be accessed on the blockchain through the dcorp infrastructure which will be made available for everyone who is willing to get involved in different levels. Dcorp website and, whitepaper have extensive information for those wishing to know more about the project or who wish to do more due diligence to satisfy their investor curiosity before committing themselves.

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By purchasing DRC tokens one becomes an active shareholder of dcorp and can also actively engage in the voting process which makes this a truly democratic enterprise. Introducing the dcorp crowdsale, even if you are not a trader or dont have a clue how a derivative even works, you can still make your mark and become involved by partaking in the dcorp ICO  or crowdsale.

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Bitcointalk forum, facebook, reddit. Intelligent conversation and questions are warmly welcome on the Bitcointalk Forum where the expertise of the Team is always available for those that seek. Lets see how this dream can become a reality and how YOU can be a part.  All safety measures and precautions have been well thought out in order to make this a safe and transparent ICO. The Blockchain is enriching the lives of both Unbanked Entities and the Classless non Elites, who at last now have a voice and a value that Life itself should be giving and honoring every individual on this planet.