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Mounce says the price of the wheat and barley as described in the vision appears to be ten to twelve times their normal cost in ancient times. Being finished with the disclaimer section, the remainder of this page will look at a few examples of wages and prices that might be of interest. Changes in the total stock and relative prices of gold and silver produce subsantial divergences between ancient and modern prices calculated in the two metals. We used.969919, international Currency Exchange Rate.

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Baked bread sold for a dupondius a loaf in the expensive cities like Rome and Pompeii and half that (one as) in more rural towns. A b De Jersey, Philip (1996).

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Retrieved "National Minimum Wage rates". Schaff's Popular Commentary on the New Testament John 6:7. 16 The parable of the treasure hid in the field reflects the occasional result of such an action, in which the owner of buried money may have forgotten where he hid it or may have died without disclosing its whereabouts.

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Two hundred shillingsworth would fairly represent the original. These prices are really rather stable when compared to the inflation that the modern world has experienced during the century now ending. In the Republic (c.200-150 BC) we find records of the pay for a legionary soldier set at 3 asses per day and wheat sold for 4 asses per modius.

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The denarius was the ordinary wage for a days work (. For three centuries following the reform, the only coin minted in Europe was the silver penny.