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Your Advanced tab should now look like this: You shouldn't need to make any changes to the Proxy tab or the Voice and Video tab. So even if youre using software that communicates with your AIM account today, it wont work after Dec. Add to add a new account.

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Org ) Another chat service offering encryption to keep all communique secure. Skype, Microsoft's voice over IP (VoIP) software, has been shown to be insecure on various levels over the years. The first, is, pGP.

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Office Communicator in the, protocol drop-down, then type your business email address in the, username field. You also need a, sIPE plugin, as it's part of the secret sauce to make Pidgin work as a Skype for Business replacement.

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The service, which also offers a paid business version, will integrate with Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Skype and others (see its third-party integrations page ). I touched on this a bit in a past Tech question.

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Jabbering in frantic "pidgin he proceeded to make front on the Dutchman. After testing the latest versions of a few such apps, Ive settled. Installing Pidgin and sipe, microsoft's Office Communicator became Microsoft Lync which became what we know today as Skype for Business.