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And we dont fuck around. To a lesser extent, Niadra. At the beginning of the campaign, she is rather cold and aggressive, almost abrasive, toward her subordinates. He's sent out the Odin!

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You're supposed to use zerglings for combat outside the temporary hive cluster, and any attempts to move the Overlords outside the initial test chamber are blocked by the game. Shit, even when I do insult 'em, I do it so beautifully. Youre more than a little, listen, youre literally illiterate friend. And I just dont think its fair to act when I feel like I gotta parent my parent just for my parent to parent back. But that dont make it right.

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This might not seem to count at first, given that he's working as a mercenary who recruited him, but the player character is actually Revan, the one who previously defeated the Mandalorians in war. Sadly, he isn't present in the game, though there are mods fixing. (Of course, whether "your side" counts as "heroic" is ultimately up to you.) Attikus from Battleborn is one of the hordes of Jennerit Thralls that commonly swarm against the eponymous Battleborn on the battlefield. When he saw that we were thinking for ourselves, he got offended, threatened my career and said that there is nothing I deserve.

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