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Prep, cook and serving about 450 students a day wit 3, sometimes 2 staff, could have been miserably busy, but we chose to make tho most fun possible. So as not to inhibit public participation, persons attending Board meetings shall not be requested to sign in, complete a questionnaire, or otherwise provide their name or other information as a condition of attending the meeting. Employees must maintain the highest ethical standards in the use and protection of materials copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise owned by the Vista Unified School District. 9130 - Board Committees) (cf. Vista Unified School District will receive.77 million that will be used for a variety of energy efficiency retrofits including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) replacements, programmable thermostats, PC power management, exterior lighting controls, and LED exterior lighting.

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When the room is ordered cleared due to a disturbance, further Board proceedings shall concern only matters appearing on the agenda. (Government Code 54954.3 ). As a condition of employment, all "at will" employees or employees serving in "at will" positions, will sign an annual conflict of interest form and code of ethics. The plans will also improve exterior lighting and save the district money by allowing them to better manage information technology equipment.

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It is expected that employees will perform their duties in an impartial manner, using independent judgment that is free from the influence of personal considerations and in accordance with the best interests of the District. The total amount of time for the public on any agenda item shall be limited to twenty minutes, unless this time limit is waived or changed by the majority of the Board. Recording by the Public, the Superintendent or designee shall designate locations from which members of the public may broadcast, photograph, or tape record open meetings without causing a distraction.

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At a time so designated on the agenda at a regular meeting, members of the public may bring before the Board matters that are not listed on the agenda. Employees may not enter into any contract on behalf of the District in which they have a financial interest.

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Individual speakers shall be allowed three minutes to address the Board on each agenda or non-agenda item. Employees must, however, avoid acquiring any business interest or participating in any other activity, enterprise, or employment outside the Vista Unified School District that would, or might appear to:. Additionally, on their own initiative or in response to questions posed by the public, a Board or staff member may ask a question for clarification, make a brief announcement, or make a brief report on his/her own activities. As an organization that serves the public and uses public funds to do so, the Vista Unified School District takes very seriously its responsibility for safeguarding and ensuring responsible use of its assets and the funds under its control. When a member abstains, his/her abstention shall not be counted for purposes of determining whether a majority of the membership of the Board has taken action.

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(Government Code 54954.2 ). Your carriers rates may apply, site Map, copyright Yelp Inc. If there is an issue that cannot be resolved, and the kids are still getting choices "Let it GO!" we'll figure it out later. The Board president may rule on the appropriateness of a topic.

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The remainder of public comment on items not on the agenda is deferred until all agenda items have been approved. Records And Communications, comprehensive, reliable records of many kinds are necessary to meet the Vista Unified School District's legal and financial obligations and to manage the business of the District. App.4th 1194 Baca.