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Details of XZ Pool as of now: my shortname (also used in script xzpool; status: dead or not working; website: m/ ; host:. Ovh 5 ETN pislv N/A N/A 0 Unknown Temporarily offline. When it has downloaded unpack the folder and run the xmr-stak application. For the purpose of this demonstration I will use a pool at to mine for Electroneum. This is from using one.

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Difficulty: 120001, eTN, pplns global.0 hashvault, min Payout: 50 ETN, hashRate. And just see they have different options, like EU and US server.

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Electroneum wallet set. Have a great day, Richard Ells, pS Please note that this will not affect any functionality or features of Electroneum and has nothing to do with mobile mining that beta program is on track and will be live to the first beta testers next week. And well, just wanted to know GitHub, so just used my (newbie) miner script. And waiting you to join miners' community. The current  Electroneum mining pool list is pretty complete right now and I started separating it into working pools and non-working pools, so you dont have to check all.

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I have not worked on this page for quite a while, partly because I was pretty discouraged Electroneum did not really take off until now. I only reached a net mining rate of far less than 100 H/s, where my computer does something like 160 H/s. You can find it on GitHub: Electroneum mining miner script. If you are just running one good GPU then use port: 5555. Do not use URL shortening services: always submit the real link.

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This subreddit is not about general financial news. Pool fee, payout threshold, comments aicrypto m 10 ETN bestpool m/pool 20 H/s 2 1 2 ETN Manual data, last updated January 7, 2018. It appears Electroneum is/was trying to control the mining with these pools and it seems their pools also dont show the full hash rate of the network, but only of the pools.

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(Moderator: mprep )  Author, topic: Pool. Details of ETN Life as of now: my shortname (also used in script life; status: dead or not working; website: fe ; host:.

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And then saw some in posts. Fun Nothing there; IO ( Nothing there; ETN Life ( fe Used to be working as far as I remember, but seems fully offine; My ETN UK ( Seems not to be a pool; NetForSpeed ( m Pool without any data; PoolCA ( Pool has.