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21, contents, overview edit In 2014, Nigeria changed its economic analysis to account for rapidly growing contributors to its GDP, such as telecommunications, banking, and its film industry. In 2016, the black market exchange rate of the Naira was about 60 above the official rate. You can click on historical payment details to see all the contributions you have made from the day partner75 programme started till date.

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Corporations in offshore oil and gas production. The authorities were responding to allegations that 200 million (SFr240 million) of 700 million handed back by the Swiss Banks to Nigeria had been misappropriated. Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics. GBP, wed 04/07/18 4th July 2018 1 USD.7559, gBP, tue 03/07/18 3rd July 2018 1 USD.758, gBP Mon 02/07/18 2nd July 2018 1 USD.761 GBP Sun 01/07/18 1st July 2018 1 USD.7573 GBP Sat 30/06/18 30th June 2018 1 USD.7573. Inflation which had almost disappeared in April 2000 reached.5 by the end of the year and.7 in August 2001.

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Principal imports were manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, and food and live animals. Sun 08/07/18 8th July 2018 1 USD.7519, gBP, sat 07/07/18 7th July 2018 1 USD.7526, gBP, fri 06/07/18 6th July 2018 1 USD.7526, gBP, thu 05/07/18 5th July 2018 1 USD.7564.

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Countries using this currency: Philippines, Looking to make a US Dollar Philippine Peso international money transfer? However, in March 2005 the government introduced legislation ending the NLC's monopoly over union organizing. The existing minimum wage, which was introduced six years earlier but has not been adjusted since, has been whittled away by inflation to only US42.80 per month.

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(USD) US Dollar 1 USD.7562 GBP. In 2005, Nigeria posted a US26 billion trade surplus, corresponding to almost 20 of gross domestic product. Naira Naira 100.

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The 6 points listed above are some of the major reasons why euro to naira exchange rate in black market today is very high It is crucial we try our best to stop the Naira from devaluation to protect our dignity and respect. February 1/ / 445, march 29/ / 443, april 30/2018 436/442.

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This is, in fact, one of the primary reasons why Naira is losing it value in the world market. The United Kingdom is Nigeria's largest trading partner followed by the United States.