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Existing customers must notify the bank at the time of the deposit of new money if they wish to take advantage of this offer. . Securities and Exchange Commission regulations (Rule 2a-7 of the Investment Company Act of 1940 including all types listed above as well as commercial paper, certificates of deposit, corporate notes, and other private instruments from domestic and foreign issuers, as well as repurchase and potentially reverse.

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You can make up to six withdrawals per monthly statement cycle without any penalties or fees. Click the Pay and Transfer tab. Because you work hard for your money; let your money work hard for you.

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» Want to compare rates? Treasury bills, certain other.S. Youll receive all of your balance and transaction information at the same time each month.

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Be sure to shop around to make sure an MMA is the best option. E., they may be held by institutional investors. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (fdic which means that even if the bank or credit union goes out of business, your money will still be there. We cannot accept wire instructions via telephone, email or fax.

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Get a new", customers who have received a promotional voucher previously are not eligible for this promotional offer. It is important that investors understand that. Money market mutual funds, like bond and stock mutual funds, are investments, and, as such, are not guaranteed.

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Government securities and repurchase agreements for those securities. (You can look for high-interest accounts by entering your ZIP code and minimum deposit in our interest checking tool. What is a money market account?