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In 1 week, pound to Euro forecast on Monday, July, 16: exchange rate.1261 Euro, maximum.1430, minimum.1092. 36 GBP.56 EUR. Pound to Euro forecast on Tuesday, July, 10: exchange rate.1258 Euro, maximum.1427, minimum.1089. 37 EUR.84 GBP. 1600 Euro to Pound (1600 EUR to GBP) 1411.

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2200 GBP 2,478.96 EUR. 45 GBP.71 EUR.

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320 GBP 360.58 EUR. 46 GBP.83 EUR.

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EUR /USD Forecast and explains that "the European situation can improve -German's data has been quite encouraging lately and is indeed the base of the region- while Trump can fail in its attempt to bring back the shine to the world's largest economy. 3800 EUR 3,372.50 GBP. GBP to EUR forecast on Friday, July, 27: exchange rate.1185 Euro, maximum.1353, minimum.1017. 60 GBP.61 EUR 61 GBP.73 EUR. 1300 Euro to Pound (1300 EUR to GBP) 1147.

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55 EUR.81 GBP. Euro to Pound forecast on Tuesday, July, 24: exchange rate.8953 Pounds, maximum.9089, minimum.8820. 14200 EUR 12,602.50 GBP.

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GBP to EUR forecast on Tuesday, July, 17: exchange rate.1254 Euro, maximum.1423, minimum.1085. 77 GBP.76 EUR. 4800 GBP 5,408.64 EUR. 940 EUR 834.25 GBP.

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EUR to GBP forecast on Friday, July, 13: exchange rate.8896 Pounds, maximum.9032, minimum.8764. 770 EUR 683.38 GBP. 50 GBP.34 EUR 51 GBP.47 EUR. 2600 GBP 2,929.68 EUR.